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How to change your brain

Neuroplasticity is the brains’ ability to adapt, structurally and/or functionally to the demands and stresses of our day to day lives, so we can continue to survive and even thrive. The biggest driver of change in our brain is BEHAVIOR. There are no drugs to promote Neuroplasticity and nothing is better than PRACTICE to help … Continue reading How to change your brain

Dealing with Trauma

  Most people have some form of trauma in their lives. It doesn’t mean we all have PTSD, but humans are built for resilience in part because trauma, pain and suffering are part of the experience of being human. Trauma is often defined as situations where our healthy coping mechanisms are overwhelmed and we are left … Continue reading Dealing with Trauma

Are you a Quitter or a Failure?

As some of you may know, I recently started to work with a personal trainer. It started because I try to say yes to most new experiences. That is how I ended up taking a weekend Outdoor Survival Course last year (I highly recommend it, here is a link to Becoming an Outdoors Woman) and … Continue reading Are you a Quitter or a Failure?

How to have good relationships

Empathy is one of the important pieces of forming emotionally safe and positive relationships. It is a way we feel and can help someone else feel SEEN, HEARD and UNDERSTOOD (like they matter). Empathy is feeling WITH someone in order to connect with them. This means we have to be willing to connect to times in … Continue reading How to have good relationships

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