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How to get back to strong and healthy

I’m not going to complicate this. We all get lost sometimes and stray from who we are, our values, and what we know that we know. Here are a few simple steps to get back on track.

Reflecting on life

I love quotes. One quote that is just not true though is that we learn from experience. If that were true, people wouldn’t need to see me. I am good at what I do because I am good at pattern recognition and can reflect back patterns people have been using their whole lives. What is … Continue reading Reflecting on life

Our inner protector

We all have an inner protector, a wolf or monster that we try to keep at bay, it is programmed into all of us. It is that same beast that leads to quotes like “I want to rip his head off” or “I love you to death”. Let me explain. Babies cry when they want their needs … Continue reading Our inner protector

The best gift of the year- Boundaries

How do you feel when you do something you don’t want to do? If you are like most people, we are quietly resentful, or sometimes outwardly rejecting or irritable. When it comes to relationships, going along just to keep the peace or because we are striving to meet other people’s expectations is like slowly poisoning your … Continue reading The best gift of the year- Boundaries

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