How do you make a difference?

There are a couple of flaws in our thinking about "those people" who dare to speak up and make a difference in the world. We tend to assume they are fearless, and that is how they do what they do- FALSE! They just come up with a process to determine when it is worth taking RISKS … Continue reading How do you make a difference?

How to get back to strong and healthy

I'm not going to complicate this. We all get lost sometimes and stray from who we are, our values, and what we know that we know. Here are a few simple steps to get back on track. STEP 1: NOTICE when you are off  We are most likely to catch this sooner than later when we have … Continue reading How to get back to strong and healthy

Our inner protector

We all have an inner protector, a wolf or monster that we try to keep at bay, it is programmed into all of us. It is that same beast that leads to quotes like "I want to rip his head off" or "I love you to death". Let me explain. Babies cry when they want their needs … Continue reading Our inner protector