Where do I start?

  When there are so many things to change, it is hard to know where to start. It can be overwhelming. It can stop us from even starting! Wouldn’t it be great to have a list of the things that make the biggest difference, those ones with the biggest pay off, for the smallest investment … Continue reading Where do I start?

Do words matter?

In the throws of the #MeToo campaign, many people, especially women, have emerged and have started to reflect on situations when they felt invaded, intruded upon, where boundaries were violated and in many of these cases, the women are now reflecting on why, in many of these cases, they didn't even say anything about it. … Continue reading Do words matter?

How do I get to live MY life?

Life is about choices. What we prioritize vs not completely changes our lives! It determines if we are happy or miserable. If we are healthy or not, what kinds of relationships we have ... in short, our ability to prioritize our values and needs determines everything! Wouldn't it be great to be able to choose … Continue reading How do I get to live MY life?