How to have good relationships

Empathy is one of the important pieces of forming emotionally safe and positive relationships. It is a way we feel and can help someone else feel SEEN, HEARD and UNDERSTOOD (like they matter). Empathy is feeling WITH someone in order to connect with them. This means we have to be willing to connect to times in … Continue reading How to have good relationships

The Past and the Future

  Have you ever noticed that what we remember about our past depends on our mood, our head space, our expectations, and the story we have about ourselves at that time (ie. whether we see ourselves as a victim, a survivor, an entrepreneur etc)?   We have a selective recall bias that is impacted by … Continue reading The Past and the Future

Reflecting on life

I love quotes. One quote that is just not true though is that we learn from experience. If that were true, people wouldn't need to see me. I am good at what I do because I am good at pattern recognition and can reflect back patterns people have been using their whole lives. What is … Continue reading Reflecting on life