3 Life Hacks to live the life you want!

3 Simple Life Hacks to Living Your Values 1.Start before you feel like it 2.Watch your language 3.Don't find time, MAKE time Start before you feel like it! Most of us wait until we feel like doing something BEFORE we do it. This is a problem. If we wait to do the things that will make … Continue reading 3 Life Hacks to live the life you want!

How to recognize unhealthy relationships

Some people are having some technical issues with viewing this week's post, so click on the link and should take you there! Feedback so far is that it is a powerful one, it sums up part of what we covered in the ACT Booster this month.  Enjoy! http://wp.me/p3P3KS-11H 

Why words matter

This is a powerful 5 min example of how words matter. ("We are the lions (Spoken Cinema)" by Steve Connell) What might you be being complicit with that is impacting the safety of yourself or others?Are you ready to change it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PscD6h1iNiI