We know we need tribe, purpose and meaning in order to be well,
so here is your chance, get involved!

See “What we need to be well”  for details.

1. Join us on Facebook and participate in …

  • Connect with like-minded people who are focused on living
    their values and coping in healthy ways
  • Opportunity to be a mentor or coach to others who post online or volunteer to be a touch-stone for someone to text  or email their SMART goals to, their best and worst of the day or their daily gratitude to. Contact our office (tel: 902-407-6600) ( if you are interested in adding your name to this list as a mentor or someone who would like a person to connect with in this way
  • Learn about community events like our recent screening of MISS-Representation and community potlucks
  • Share your opinion on what you would like to know more about, my intention is to make mental health and health information more accessible, but I need YOUR help to know what you most want to know about

2. Join our Learning for Life Initiative, where we award $250 up to 4x/ year to individuals who submit a plan to help others Live their values, Listen to their strong and healthy self, and/ or Promote Healthy tribe.  

  • This can be anything from making care packages to give to the homeless, buying supplies to clean up a park, to creating an ACT App or a video clip explaining defenses
  • Recent winners include the creation of the Mindful DragonMind Toons  and websites
  •  I just need a one page summary that includes:
    • A description of your project
    • What materials you will require and their estimated costs
    • Who you hope to help through this project
    • What your estimated time line will be
    • How this will help you as a person or group