What’s your story?

We make decisions about whether to do something or not based on what we expect, and what we expect is based on our past experiences of how we think that will go for us. For example would you spend your last dollar on a lottery ticket if you had never won the lottery, nor even … Continue reading What’s your story?


As humans, we have a tendency to live up or down to people's expectations of us, and when there are conflicting expectations, we often become paralyzed, not knowing which way to go. Bosses give us job descriptions in part so we know what is expected of us. Ideally, clear expectations guide our choices and actions. When we … Continue reading Expectations?

Expectations, Entitlement & Emotions

Imagine you come home to a beautifully wrapped gift on your table. If it is your birthday, and you live with someone - you may feel excited If it is your birthday, but no one else had a key to your apartment - you may feel concerned If it is your anniversary -  you may be … Continue reading Expectations, Entitlement & Emotions