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About Inspired Living Medical


believes that education regarding best practices in mental health is necessary at all levels - individual, local community, industry, and government. Our team strives to identify and use the most accessible, efficient and effective treatment models for mental health issues. 


is essential to optimal treatment. Whenever possible, patients are provided with copies of their consult and discharge reports making their own health information more accessible and usable to them. Up to date practices and information are made available to them in understandable formats, empowering them to be their own advocate. We also commonly use  outcome measures to help both patients and clinicians track outcomes and be accountable for continuing to progress and make changes as needed along the way.


play an important role in the way we engage our patients. Through our website patients have 24 hour access to resources that can help them stay healthy. Worksheets, Youtube videos and blogs articles are all free ways to assist people in applying practical and powerful self-help tools. 


is the science and practice of mental wellness. Positive Psychiatry differs from typical medical treatment which has, historically, focused on illness (also known as the disease model). Like traditional medical models Positive Psychiatry does aim to identify and alleviate symptoms of illness. However, Positive Psychiatry is also designed to enhance resilience - the ability to resist future injury or illness in the face of stress - through the use of behavioural interventions. Positive Psychiatry places a strong emphasis on accountability and self-improvement. In doing so we aim to reduce patient reliance on the mental health professional - which in turn allows us to help a greater number of those in need of help.



iS an evidence-based approach designed to prevent, treat, and in some cases, reverse the effects of disease and illness. This approach emphasizes how lifestyle habits contribute to illnesses and is aimed at improving behaviours such as eating, movement, stress management, sleep, social connection, and the reduction of self-destructive behaviours such as substance abuse.


Our approach is most easily understood as the Circle of Health ( image above)  created by Whole Health for Life and the VA Boston Healthcare System.


We provide referring clinicians with treatment recommendations. Where appropriate, individuals may be offered access to groups, wherein we aim to motivate self-care through a focus on values and practical strategies to better manage their lives. We empower people to learn new ways of interacting with themselves and their worlds through a safe and healing environment. Our approach also fosters the skills required for healthy relationships moving forward. We also aim to facilitate healthier communities through online information and during non-pandemic times by clinic based community potlucks and events.

Health Behaviours (Lifestyle Factors)  

have a major impact on overall health status as well as mortality (death rates).  Working with people to make sure we address these significant factors helps people make the most of their circumstances and reinforces focusing on the parts of our lives we CAN change vs focusing on those parts we cannot.

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