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9Mile Business Centre
(in the 9 Mile Circle Building)
 620 Nine Mile Drive Suite 208, Bedford, NS B4A 0H4

Who does this affect?

Previously known as WorkSpace Bedford!

As of November 1st, 2023, all in-person appointments, including Dr. Adriana Wilson's ACT groups, will take place at our new location.

 Stairs: Use the exterior door below the orange "WorkSpace" sign, immediately beside BMO. 

Entrance Stairs.png

 Elevator: Use the main Entrance nestled in the elbow of the "L" shaped building. 

Entrance Elevator.png

Suite 208 is at the very end of the hallway on the second floor. See video.

Entrances (Elevator vs. Stairs)

9Mile Business Centre is located in Suite 208, on the second floor, which can be accessed by stairs or an elevator. 

Tips on finding us

It is interesting to note, the building does not have the address "620 Nine Mile Drive" clearly marked outside. The building is called "Nine Mile Circle", and houses the Bank of Montreal, and Morris East. 

Another fun quirk- If you are taking the elevator, you will turn right and see odd office numbers on the left, and even numbers on the right hand side of the hallway. Even though we are in Suite 208, we are located at the very end of the hallway on the left hand side (the office numbers go 207, 209, 208). 

You do not need to turn the door handle to Suite 208 (it will seem like it is locked, but it is not)! You just need to push the door open. 

FYI: This space is a shared workspace environment, where different businesses share common spaces such as boardrooms, kitchenettes, and general reception, however, they own their own private offices within the shared workspace. 

When you arrive

  • Please take a seat on the blue sofa in the lobby, and your doctor will be there to collect you at your appointment time. 

  • The wonderful WorkSpace Community Manager, Jake, will be at the front desk if you have any questions about the office space (washrooms, water, etc.).

    • Please note, Jake does not have access to your doctor's schedule or any information about Inspired Living Medical (ILM). You do not need to check in with Jake. 

  • All ILM related questions will still need to be addressed to ILM's office manager, Sara. She will be totally virtual, but, you can reach her via email or phone. 


9Mile Business Centre Bedford, 620 Nine Mile Dr Suite 208, Bedford, NS B4A 0H4

Located in the Larry Uteck area of Bedford, we are now in the Nine Mile Circle building which also houses BMO and Morris East. 

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