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My Powerball


What happens when Brax and Galactica are sent on a mission to learn about life on Earth and discover super-humans?


Watch as these two aliens from a faraway galaxy learn to be super- aliens and how you can become a superhuman!

Th 5 Things We Need To Be Well


This easy to read self-help book is filled with #Lifehacks, practical exercises that help you move towards a life you are excited to live. It uses powerful metaphors that capture what it means to be well and is filled with free online resources you can go back to time and again. The biggest surprise of this book is how it illustrates how misery can actually be a sign of our health! 

Start The Day Strong, End The Day Stronger


“I never lose. Either I win or a I learn”- Nelson Mandela.


I live by this quote. I strive to start my day strong and end my day stronger. I wrote this book to help others do just that. How we start our day greatly impacts how it goes. There are prompts at the start of each day to help set yourself up for success. Every item included is supported by decades of scientific research. Success comes from completing just ONE priority action-item each day. That equals 365 successes a year! 

Practical Positive Psychiatry for Clinicians: The STAMP Wellness Model: The 5 Things We Need to Be Well, Evidence and Implementation


This brief, clear and practical book provides clinicians and their clients with a common language about what we all need for mental health and how to promote resilience. It summarizes the 5 things we need to be well as humans, the evidence supporting each point and offers clinical tools to assist with their integration into practice. It is an excellent resource for all clinicians and front-line workers who interface with people as a first point of care around mental health.

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