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Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Dr. E. A. Wilson is a Psychiatrist, Educator, Mediator, Author and International Speaker on topics related to Resilience, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and health and wellness. 

All workshops are tailored to the needs and experience of the audience and include relevant up-to-date evidence where applicable.

Requests for keynotes, symposia or workshops can be made through our contact page.

Professional Coaching

Although there is overlap between professional coaching and therapy, the aim is quite different. In professional coaching, the primary purpose is self-actualization. This is in contrast to traditional psychiatric care, which is focused on diagnostic clarification and management of symptoms. 

Common issues addressed through Professional Coaching include: stress management, burnout, work-life balance, efficiency issues, interpersonal issues or personal stressors interfering with work related productivity or quality of life.

This service if for people who are struggling with the common issues listed above, and who do not have an identified or active psychiatric illness or who do and it is being managed by another health care provider.

Typical clients include professionals in demanding and high-performance fields such as Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Financial Advisors, Mental Health Professionals, upper management (CEO, CFO, COO).

People often present with stress, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, sleep issues, physical symptoms like irritable bowel, insomnia, concentration issues or interpersonal difficulties. 


Typical clients include organizations seeking to improve their wellness infrastructure in order to minimize employee absenteeism and optimize performance and interpersonal harmony.

Independent Medical Exams (IMEs)

An Independent Medical Exam is a comprehensive and timely psychiatric assessment requested by an organization as a third party (ie. professional governing bodies, court, insurance), addressing specific questions to obtain an unbiased medical opinion regarding a person's condition when benefits, compensation, fitness to practice, disability etc. are being considered. IME's cannot be offered to anyone with a prior therapeutic relationship with Dr. Adriana Wilson, nor can the examinee become a patient of Dr. Wilson's in the future. This means that if a person would be a good fit for the type of group therapy that Dr. Wilson provides, they would have to access a similar therapy through an alternative clinician.

Dr. Wilson is NOT currently accepting any IME's. 

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