About Inspired Living Medical

INSPIRED LIVING MEDICAL (ILM) believes that education regarding best practices in mental health is necessary at all levels - individual, local community, industry, and government. Our team strives to identify and use the most accessible, efficient and effective treatment models for mental health issues. 

POSITIVE PSYCHIATRY is the science and practice of mental wellness. Positive Psychiatry differs from typical medical treatment which has, historically, focused on illness (also known as the disease model). Like traditional medical models Positive Psychiatry does aim to identify and alleviate symptoms of illness. However, Positive Psychiatry is also designed to enhance resilience - the ability to resist future injury or illness in the face of stress - through the use of behavioural interventions. Positive Psychiatry places a strong emphasis on accountability and self-improvement. In doing so we aim to reduce patient reliance on the mental health professional - which in turn allows us to help a greater number of those in need of help.

KNOWLEDGE SHARING is essential to optimal treatment. Whenever possible, patients are provided with copies of their consult and discharge reports making their own health information more accessible and usable to them. Up to date practices and information are made available to them in understandable formats, empowering them to be their own advocate. We also commonly use  outcome measures to help both patients and clinicians track outcomes and be accountable for continuing to progress and make changes as needed along the way.

INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY play an important role in the way we engage our patients. Through our website patients have 24 hour access to resources that can help them stay healthy. Worksheets, Youtube videos and blogs articles are all free ways to assist people in applying practical and powerful self-help tools. 

In the context of the current COVID-19 Pandemic, our clinic is operating predominantly online, however in person appointments are available upon request. We use Zoom for Healthcare which is supported by the NS government.


Dr. E. Adriana Wilson

Dr. Wilson completed her medical degree at the University of Manitoba and her specialty training as a psychiatrist at Dalhousie University. Additionally, her passion for teaching led her to complete a Masters in Medical Education. 

Dr. Wilson is driven to make sure her patients have a clear understanding of their difficulties in a way that allows them to take clear practical steps to improve their circumstances. 


 Where clinically indicated, Dr. Wilson may follow patients for group Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Otherwise recommendations are sent to the referring physician or nurse practitioner.

Dr. Lesley Kirkpatrick


Dr. Lesley Kirkpatrick completed her Bachelor of Science (BSc) with Honors in Psychology at St. Francis Xavier University. She then completed her medical degree (M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O) at National University of a Ireland, Galway and her residency in Psychiatry at Dalhousie University.


Dr. Kirkpatrick’s practice focuses predominantly on psychiatric consultation and group therapy through the modality of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Dr. K. Ryan Wilson

Dr. Wilson completed his PhD in Clinical Psychology at Dalhousie University. His clinical and research training focused on Neuropsychology - (assessing and treating attention, memory and decision making difficulties) and somatic symptom disorders (physical symptoms resulting from psychological difficulties.


Dr. Wilson currently works with adults and older teens in a one-on-one setting and can help clients deal with Anxiety, Depression, Physical Symptoms (e..g, Migraines, IBS, Fibromyalgia), and many other issues.


Keisha Barrie

Keisha graduated from Saint Mary's University with a Bachelor of Arts Psychology.


Keisha is our office manager and has been with the Inspired Living team since January 2020. 

When she is not working you can find her on an adventure with her dog, or taking on a new DIY project.

Sara Skentelbery

Sara graduated from Saint Mary’s University with a Bachelor of Science, Psychology (honours) Biology (major). 


She has been with Inspired Living Medical since November 2015 and has helped on projects such as The 5 Things We Need to Be Well; Start the Day Strong/End the Day Stronger, and Practical Positive Psychiatry for Clinicians.

She is currently the Project Coordinator for an Inspired Living Medical research project on resilience and also fulfills a supporting role in the clinic augmenting efficiency and quality.