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Who is this service for?

    Typical clients include organizations seeking to improve their wellness infrastructure in order to minimize employee absenteeism and optimize performance and interpersonal harmony.

    Typical clients include organizations in need of a high-end assessment of services required for optimal change management when faced with transition issues, restructuring, interpersonal and managerial struggles contributing to a perceived toxic work environment.

Typical Issues

  • Employee Absenteeism​​

  • High employee turnover​

  • Improving creativity and problem-solving​

  • Improving employee engagement and productivity

  • Building team cohesion and trust​

  • Clarification of expectations, division of labor, role confusion​

  • Addressing difficult interpersonal issues


  • Flexible and comprehensive (may be individual, workshops, conference calls- whatever is required and indicated).

  • Tailored to the organization’s needs.

  • Links or recommendations to other professionals or services as needed.


  • Specific, practical and actionable recommendations that build on and leverage the company’s existing infrastructure and strengths.

  • Assessment of staff or systems and identified ways to optimize efficiencies while addressing shortcomings.

  • Increased perceived support and value of employees.

  • Greater clarity of expectations and roles.

  • Improved team cohesion and collaboration.

  • A PROCESS the organization can use to navigate continued change, allowing them to become self-sustaining in the future.

Workshop Testimonials

"Dr. Wilson helped us leverage our strengths and mitigate our short-comings by creating infrastructure and processes we can sustain and adapt as the business grows. I would recommend this to any company seeking to grow."

Shawn Keel, CFA, CFP

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