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Clinicians & Allied
Health Professionals

Who are these workshops for?

Ideal for therapists and allied health professionals of all backgrounds, who interact with populations who suffer from or are at risk for mental illness.

This includes: Psychologists, Family Physicians, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Counselling Therapists, Psychiatric Nurses, Guidance Counsellors, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Coaches, Peer Support Workers, Youth Support Workers, Parole officers and Paramedics.

Benefits of Integrated Positive Psychiatry Training

  • A process-based approach that can be easily integrated with other theoretical perspectives.​

  • A common language about mental health, leading to greater clinician and client/patient satisfaction.​

  • Increased accountability and awareness of what is necessary to be well.​

  • A de-stigmatizing and empowering framework to use with individuals with mental health struggles.


  • With sufficient notice, I am able to apply for Continuing Education Credits from your profession’s organizing body.​

  • Certificates of completion outlining the hours of training and topic are provided to all participants.

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