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Organizational Health &
Wellness Promotion

Who are these workshops for?

  • Educate your Human Resource Department, your managers and your staff with the latest evidence promoting health and resilience.​

  • This is also ideal for wellness promotion initiatives at universities and colleges.​

  • Workshops may be proactive– you are aware your organization will be going through restructuring or facing challenges and you want to prepare yourselves to be at peak performance through your time of transition or of high demand.​

  • They may also be reactive– interpersonal or other issues have emerged that are having an impact on productivity, absenteeism, and team cohesion in your professional setting and you want to address these issues asap.​

  • This is a particularly transformative resource for teams in transition, who have had a high turnover or who are experiencing high levels of stress and tension.

How training can help you?

  • Knowledge is power and mental illness is the leading cause of disability, employee absenteeism and decreased productivity in the workplace. It is also the leading cause of functional disability across all adult age groups.​

  • Access to timely mental health resources are challenging. In order to maintain a competitive edge, organizations have felt compelled to independently secure training that promotes resilience and wellness to create and maintain healthy work and learning cultures.​

  • Workshops are tailored to the audience’s needs and experiences, so participants can learn how these principles impact their specific context.​

  • Wellness Training can improve team productivity, connection and overall health.


  • Certificates of completion outlining the hours of training and topic are provided to all participants.​

  • With sufficient notice, I am able to apply for Continuing Education Credits from your profession’s organizing body.

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