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Required Forms for New Patients


Dr. Wilson requires an INTAKE form be completed in order to allow patients to maximize the benefit of their appointment time. As psychiatry assessments can be quite stressful, the INTAKE form often helps people provide more accurate histories and allows patients to provide more details than they are able to on the spot. It also allows for loved ones to provide input under the ADDITIONAL COMMENTS section and affords patients' time to clarify what past medication trials they have had, which impacts the treatment recommendations.

Although it may look long, the majority of it is checking boxes. If it seems overwhelming to do, we recommend you do a page or portion of a page per day to make it feel more manageable. If you require an extension on getting it in or there are issues with completing it, please contact our office and we are happy to accommodate you or assist you in problem solving.

*** Appointments for Dr. Wilson are only scheduled once the INTAKE is received, consequently, if you wish to be added to the cancellation list once you have been accepted, we recommend you complete the form below and return it to our office asap.  

Virtual Appointments: 

Please note: You MUST be physically located in Nova Scotia during the time of your virtual appointment.

If you choose to have a Zoom Video call or Telephone call for your appointment, please watch this video, or read this PDF on Virtual Consent:

*** If you choose telephone, you can jump ahead in the video to 1 minute 10 seconds.

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