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10 Questions to Build Intimacy

  1. Share something you did for the other person that was meaningful for you and why.

  2. Talk about something the other person did for you that was meaningful for you and why.

  3. How do you feel you have changed since you met (Emotionally, Physically, Socially, Professionally)?

  4. Share a childhood memory you feel shaped you, for better or worse. Elaborate on how you think it impacted you.

  5. Share something you regret. Why was that important to you?

  6. Talk about a time you took a risk that was important to you or when you worked hard on something. What made it worth the effort?

  7. Share something you are afraid of. What would it mean if it happened?

  8. Talk about a dream you have for the future.

  9. What is something you are looking forward to?

  10. Share about people who have been important to you in your life and how they impacted you.

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