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How do you make a difference?

There are a couple of flaws in our thinking about “those people” who dare to speak up and make a difference in the world.
  1. We tend to assume they are fearless, and that is how they do what they do- FALSE! They just come up with a process to determine when it is worth taking RISKS in the service of living their VALUES.

  2. We get caught up thinking we have to speak up in order to make a difference, when in truth there are millions of people who quietly make a big difference daily. It may be through random acts of kindness, through their work, planting a community garden etc.

  3. We get stuck focusing on how uncomfortable it will be to do things differently than we are doing now

Here is a funny and insightful TED talk to help us get comfortable with being uncomfortable

So here are my questions to you:
  1. What process or questions can you ask yourself to determine if something is worth taking a meaningful risk in the service of living your values? (e.g. having a hard conversation with a loved one, because you are committed to building and fostering a healthy relationship)

  2. How do you want to make a difference TODAY? THIS WEEK? THIS YEAR? 

  3. Are you willing to consciously focus on how it will feel to live your values, even if it means being uncomfortable sometimes, in order to create a life you want to live?

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