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How to make stress good for us

Stress is a part of life, we all have it and we always will. So hating it, dreading it, fearing it and fighting it is a waste of energy and time. To make matters worse,  it makes us feel weaker. Despite knowing this, we have been told for decades that stress can kill us… it causes heart attacks, high blood pressure etc. So what do we do about this situation?

Watch this fantastic ~ 20 min  Ted Talk by Kelly McGonigal about changing our relationship to stress and how the research is showing that just changing our BELIEF about stress can impact our lives.

The part I like the best though is at the end, when it she talks about the biology of tribe and connection mitigating the harmful effects of stress (please note this has to be healthy tribe for it to work)

I hope this gave you some food for thought for the week and that perhaps stress can just be stress, and in fact positive, instead of something to fear.

Remember to weigh in on the Doodle poll if you plan to come to the

Holiday Potluck for some time with healthy tribe! The link seems to work for some people and not others, so if not just email us instead ;0)

Have a great week!

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