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Practical Parenting Life Hacks!

life hacks

This sounds like a post only for parents- but don’t be fooled!

Click through to read the ILM Practical Parenting Newsletter. Summer 2015. It includes:

  1. A Parenting Self-Assessmen

wifi hack
  1. The truth about Consistency if it is over-rated or under-stated

  2. Information about attachment and survival maps & coping skills

  3. Teaching Accountability

  4. Introducing Chores

As a busy mother of 3 young boys myself, this is Practical meets understanding Why, so we are motivated to follow through.

As for our non-parent readers, this will help you understand yourself, based on the presence or absence of some of these things in your own lives. It is intended as a resource for anyone who works directly with kids, so if you found it helpful,


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See you all next week!

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