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Time = Life

Time is the only commodity we have that matters, and it is impossible to get more of it once we have wasted it. 

Think about a day when you used your time well and one where you didn’t.

It impacts our self esteem, our emotional state, our relationships, our productivity, our sense of purpose, meaning and contribution. We also know when we are spending our time on things that are less important (the low hanging fruit), when even though we get a lot of things checked off our To Do list, we feel weak or like we didn’t spend our time on the things that really matter.

I have those periodically, when I spend time


So why don’t we all use our time well? It isn’t as though you didn’t already pretty much know all of that. For many of us it is because of our old stories and filters. It is often because we have histories where we learned that we can only be strong and powerful as long as it is not threatening to others, or we didn’t learn we could be strong at all. As a result, we are not allowed to feel angry, upset etc. Those old stories interfere with our own story. For a reminder about the power of stories / filters, see What’s Your Filter? and The Danger of a Single Story.

Someone forwarded the following 4 min video of Bishop Jakes, which I think puts a lot of this in perspective. It is worth the time to watch it!

Are you ready to accept YOUR destiny?

Here is a worksheet to help you track your progress and increase your awareness of what is working and what isn’t.  LIFE WORTH LIVING BANK STATEMENT.1

See you next week!

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