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Time without Attention is Worthless!

What is time worth to you? When we think about our work day, we place a dollar value on time. For XX dollars an hour I will give you XX hours per day, 5 days a week.

On the other hand, if someone said to me – “Hey Ryan, sorry but you have to come in to work today [Saturday], I know it’s your son’s birthday but its critical and you HAVE to come in. ” – It might have been different some years ago, but now, quite frankly, unless someone is going to DIE and I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN STOP IT… then I’m just not going in. Why??

Time is the one resource that is NOT RENEWABLE (ok, well, I don’t know anyone who lives outside the dimension of time… but maybe you do?)! Money? I can always make more. Food? I can always grow some. You get the idea…

So, that must really mean time is priceless, right?? Well, this weekend I was listening to what is fast becoming a favorite podcast of my, unsurprisingly for those of you that read my posts, by Tim Ferriss.

In a really brief podcast, Tim explores an essay he wrote some years ago about how to be more productive. There are a number of gems, and much of it is based on living a choice-minimal lifestyle. [CLICK For a really Great talk on the Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz] The nugget I want to highlight is this…

Time without Attention is meaningless. Attention is needed for both creativity and appreciation.

That’s a bit of a paraphrase, but most of it is there. What’s he’s referring to is the idea that in order to be creative you need to have your attention (intention) directed towards your creative goal. Similarly, in order to appreciate that which you already have in your life or that which you are creating, you must direct your attention (and intention) towards the present moment to enjoy the gifts that you have!

One way some people think about attention is as an economy – it is THE MOST LIMITED RESOURCE ON THE PLANET. Without attention, I might have missed the glorious smiles on my children’s faces the first time we went to Disney. Without attention I might have missed that deep sense of connection with my wife as we waited over 2 hours for a table on our anniversary – we didn’t even notice the wait. Without attention, I might miss a fantastic business opportunity while listening to today’s news…

Without present moment awareness we can neither create that which we want or cherish that which we love.

There is much more great great stuff in the links I’ve provided. I hope you enjoy it, with attention and intention. It can change your life.


Comments? Let us know here, or on twitter: @kryanwilson or @DrAdrianaWilson.

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