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3 Ways To Get Unhooked From Bad Thoughts or Feelings in 5 minutes or Less


At its best, this When / Then thinking might force us to “get rid” of those bad thoughts through force of will [that voice in your head that says: “Just drop it already! Don’t be foolish!”]. So, you can set aside those negative thoughts and feelings to get the job done. This is usually only a temporary fix though – the unwanted thoughts and feelings will keep coming back. At its worst, this When / Then kind of thinking can keep us stuck in a place where we are not living our values…

What if instead of believing that we have to banish these negative thoughts and feelings we could chose a different way. What if, instead of putting all our energy into getting rid of those thoughts and feelings we could learn how toCHANGE OUR RELATIONSHIP to them. That way they don’t get to influence our life as much when they do show up. 


We will do all sorts of things to distract ourselves from thoughts or feelings we don’t want to have- like over-scheduling ourselves so we never have  a quiet moment when they could come up, drink, sex, work, hanging out in “what if” world, thinking about the past, worrying about the future, getting stuck in our heads analyzing or in other people’s heads making assumptions about what they are thinking or feeling about us- In short, we will often invest our time and energy ANYWHERE but in the present because that is where those pesky feelings are!

The problem is that we can’t actually control what thoughts and feelings we have any more than we can control what we see at the mall…BUT, we can CHOOSE what we buy at the mall, and there are ways we can learn to CHANGE OUR RELATIONSHIP to those harmful thoughts or feelings, so they don’t influence our life as much, so they don’t get to dictate if we are happy, sad or scared or if we will have a bad day. Essentially, even though we can’t choose what we see at the mall, we CAN choose what we buy there, and similarly, although we can’t control what thoughts or feelings pop up for us, we CAN learn to get unhooked from harmful ones enough to CHOOSE if we are going to invest in them or not – and here are 3 ways to do just that!


2. GROUNDING- Earlier we mentioned that we


One person shared with me that they would



Some silly voices people like to use include: A British Accent

Check out the impact this can have, on this You Tube video …

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