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5 Ways to show and grow love

In an earlier post we talked about the 5 things we need to be well – lets use this lovely-dovey day to reflect on those 5 things and what we can do to help our love for each other grow!


  1. Have a clear conversation about how you want to handle conflict in the future, establishing “rules of engagement” and a back up plan case someone slips helps to create safety


  1. Show an interest in your loved ones interests

friendship-day-hd-wallpapers-free-download (2)
  1. This sends the message that you want to get to know them, share in their interests

  2. Or help them connect with other people who share a particular passion of theirs


  1. Ask them to show you something they are good at, teach you something, or focus on an area where they are particularly gifted


  1. Focus on how you each feel you are

contributing to something greater than yourselves (kids, volunteering, etc)

  1. See if you can share in one of those activities (ie. Make Valentines and bring them to an old folks home together)


  1. Create something together! Challenge each other.

  2. This could be through trying a new recipe and making it together or playing DUOLINGO, an app where you can learn a second language and playfully compete against each other

When we meet these needs for ourselves and others, that is LOVE!

true love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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