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Draw your future!

draw future

Do you have 10 min to invest in your future?

Check out the video and see if it is worth a try for you. I was skeptical, especially because my artistic abilities are around those of a 6 yo,  but it really worked!

Make sure you remember to draw BOTH Where you are now (the good and the bad) AND where you want to be, your DREAM. Remember that you don’t have to know everything about your dream. Fill in the parts you DO know and its ok to leave question marks for the rest for now.

Make sure you use colour! It really made a difference! Also I found it worked best when you make sure you are colouring mostly the dream you are moving towards, and if applicable, some bits of the good stuff from now that you want to bring forward with you.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes! This is part of what we did in the booster groups this month.

Once you have a fleshed out idea of what your dream is…SHARE it with someone! Tell someone you trust about your hopes and dreams. “It makes it more real…more possible!”

Enjoy! See you next week!

(Here is an example of someone’s drawing!) And here is a link to a meditation to help you Anchor to your dreams (or see what comes up to clarify them, this and others can also be found on the Meditations page)


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