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Have you practiced today?

Have you practiced today?

How well do you think you would do at playing an instrument you have never played before on your very first try?

What about after 10 hrs of practice?

What about after 100 hrs of practice?

What about after a 1000 hrs of practice?

Now consider that instead of a musical instrument, you are training for a marathon- how well would you do with 10, 100, 1000 hrs of practice?

Most people intuitively know that we would likely be pretty shaky at first, especially if we were not naturally musically or athletically inclined, and that we would be infinitely better the more practice we had.

We have all heard the expression practice makes perfect.

Yet for some reason we find it difficult to apply this same concept to self-compassion and ourselves.

We know that practicing responding to unhealthy coping patterns like shopping, negative self talk, or drinking with self compassion can make a HUGE difference in STOPPING the destructive pattern and CHANGING it…if you don’t believe me- try it for yourself!

We also know that rehearsing by imagining ourselves making healthy choices or responding to expected difficult situations in a value based way astronomically increases the chances we actually act in line with our values…yet we struggle to do both of these things.

Part of the struggle is because it is hard to believe that imagining something can actually make any kind of meaningful change in “real life”, in our bodies.

Watch this 3 min video for motivation and understanding … then PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

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