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How to be heard when people are different

Whenever we change parts of who we are, how we think or do things, other people will resist.

It isn’t necessarily that they don’t care for us, more often than not it is because humans are creatures of habit. We like to be able to predict how things are going to go and when they start to change, especially when it is outside of our control, we consciously or unconsciously push back in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways.

This interesting TED talk (12 min) teaches us how to have more effective difficult conversations with people who may not share our values. It is set in the context of political discussions, but I encourage you to apply his talk to how you can have better discussions about things that matter with people of opposing views in your own lives, political or personal

So we invite you to try these ideas, remember to always show empathy and respect, use their values (not only yours) in your argument and see what happens.

See you next week!

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