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How to have good relationships

Empathy is one of the important pieces of forming emotionally safe and positive relationships. It is a way we feel and can help someone else feel SEEN, HEARD and UNDERSTOOD (like they matter).

Empathy is feeling WITH someone in order to connect with them.

This means we have to be willing to connect to times in our lives when we have felt similarly, even if those times were painful.

It is also a two way street, it requires vulnerability and sharing as well as being there with someone else.

Did you know empathy is something that can be practiced and learned?

Empathy is important because rarely do our words actually make a difference to the actual circumstances in the moment, but human connection is healing regardless of  circumstances.

Here is a great video re Empathy (about 20 min), that we didn’t have time to include in our recent January Booster group.

And by popular demand, I also included the videos we used in the January ACT Booster group, The first is about 3 min, and the other about 4 min.

So practice empathy, build your relationships (tribe) and let us know how it goes!

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