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Is the world good or bad? It depends where you look…

This is a controversial one, so I invite you to be open minded, focus on your values and notice your emotional and physical responses as we move through this. I am not advocating for one thing vs another, just for awareness and people acting in the service of what matters to them, while being respectful and empathic towards others.

There is a lot going on in the world right now and lots of people are getting caught up in various media reports and because we fuse and invest in the thoughts and emotional tone of what we are exposed to, this impacts our psychological and emotional state.

So is the world good or bad? We want to know!

Many people these days are pretty sure it is not great and they may even have a lot of valid arguments. Take this 15 min video for example. Although it presents some more extreme views (which I do not personally agree with) but that doesn’t take away the fact that it also provides an interesting social commentary that will start discussion, and discussion creates awareness and from awareness comes change.

The flip side is that in response to the above and other world events, there is also a rallying of people who focus on our  common humanity, through commercials like this one… (1 min)

Or people in positions of influence or power taking a stand for other people, like this… (in case you can’t quite make out the sign, it says “Defend rights for women and girls“, held by Patrick Stewart, formerly known as Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Start Trek the Next Generation and Charles Xavier from X-Men).

And last but not least, there are efforts like this… (4 min)

So is the world good or bad? 

It depends where we look, what we focus on, who and what we choose to surround ourselves with.

We also get to CHOOSE to be a part of the problem we see, or their solutions through the actions we take or don’t take.

It does not mean we deny realities of what is going on around us, but we always want to stay focused on what and how much we are exposing ourselves to and staying aware of whether it is making us feel stronger/ weaker and adjust course as necessary. 

I recently watched the Revenant, and there was a quote in it I really loved:

“If you look at the branches of a tree in a storm, it looks like the wind will knock it down…

but when you look at the trunk you see it’s stability”. 

We would love to hear your ideas, post a comment on Facebook, share or send us an email.

See you next week!

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