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More Awesome Videos of the Month- Oct 2015

Here are our Awesome Videos of the Month for October… Enjoy!

  1. The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown

  2. A phenomenal talk about connecting, courage and life. Veterans of ILM would have seen this one before.

2. The Lethality of Loneliness

  1. In 18 min, it nicely summarizes the importance of connection and how it impacts our physical as well as our emotional health and why

3. Why We Laugh by Sophie Scott

  1. This entertaining 18 min video highlights how we are a social species who are hardwired with very subtle detection systems to decipher our own and other people’s behaviour (if you have worked with me, this is what I have called our “BS meter”)

  2. It also highlights how we use laughter for many things-  from diffusing uncomfortable situations, to demonstrating understanding and belonging.

  3. It also speaks to how as children, we are most sensitive to internalizing, tuning into and responding to the emotions of others and how we become more discerning as we age

These and last months videos are now also available on our YouTube Channel if you prefer to subscribe to that!

See you next week! More Awesome videos of the month on the third week of November!

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