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Why we get sick

We have long talked about how we get sick  for a reason (see the Strong and Healthy Self). Last week we looked at why we stress and how this reflects a mis-match between us and our environment.

This week Dr. Rishi Manchanda’s TED talk highlights the importance of addressing the big picture issues that make us sick in the first place. We cannot really be well without addressing these issues, whether it is living with mould, working in a toxic environment or in a miserable marriage.

Lets follow Dr. Manchanda’s lead and keep the following question in mind. How can we provide better care for each other? This is not just a question for health care workers. It is a question for you the teacher as you talk to distressed students. It is a question for you, the social worker, as you meet with the struggling family. It is even a question for you as you have that hard conversation with a friend or family member.  Let’s start asking the right questions. Let’s asks the questions that lead to us addressing the underlying issues. Let’s asks the questions that allow us to heal the parts of our lives that are  making us unwell and see what solutions we can come up with. It all starts with awareness!

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