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2015 in Review and why you should too!

In the past year you have likely come a long way. Whether you intended to or not, you have learned new skills, had new experiences, set goals, accomplished new things and hopefully learned from your struggles. 

Our experiences shape WHO we are, and we learn who we are by taking a moment to reflect on our experiences, what we want to stand for, who we want to be in the face of challenges and joys. This allows us to then share who we are with others and interact authentically with our healthy tribe. Reflection also allows us to derive meaning and purpose from our experiences and clarifies our values. Since there is so much positive that comes from reflection, it makes sense to take the time to REFLECT on the year that is about to pass.

Reflection helps us understand and learn from where we have been and helps us move forward with greater clarity.

Here are some ideas of what to include... 

  1. Your biggest wins

  2. New skills you acquired

  3. New concepts you learned

  4. New responsibilities you assumed

  5. Side projects you are working on – your passion or muse

  6. Notable events

  7. What lessons you learned

  8. What are your main goals for the coming year

Here is an example summarizing 2015 for ILM in review….

Happy Holidays!!!!

Next week we will post the delayed

Awesome Videos of the month for Dec 2015 

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