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Are you a risk taker?

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We don’t get to live a life where we are excited to get up in the morning unless we are willing to take some chances. So much of life is uncertain that if we play it safe, we end up feeling stuck in a rut and feeling generally unsatisfied.

When you have 5 min, I recommend you take the , Risk Attitude Profiler test to see where you level of risk tends to be.

There are a few things to remember about risk and mistakes:

  1. If we are going to LIVE, we have to be willing to SHOW UP and TRY OUR BEST, even if it means the risk of failure.

at least I tried
  1. Our stories and beliefs about failure and mistakes matter! They actually change our choices, and ultimately shape our lives.

If you learned mistakes were dangerous, and you would be mocked or rejected by the people close to you when you made them, of course you avoid them, play it safe and strive for perfection. The opposite would also be true if people celebrated mistakes in your home and that you had the courage to try in the first place! To learn more about YOUR relationship with risk and failure, consider doing the Risk and Failure worksheet. If your current beliefs about risk and failure are not moving you towards your values, consider consciously shifting them towards one of these…

fail definition

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  1. We do best when we surround ourselves with people who lift us up and inspire us to take meaningful risks that move us towards the life we want to have. We don’t all have that tribe however, so it is important while you are starting to put yourself out there to find them, that you surround yourself with inspiring pseudo-tribe through the things you choose to read or watch. Watch these 3 min videos for example…

Good luck living the BIGGEST, most adventurous and wonderful life imaginable, no matter what that is!

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