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Awesome Videos of the Month!

Introducing…. Awesome Videos of the Month!

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  1. Everything we think we know about Addiction is WRONG!  

  2. The idea of addiction as BONDING, and that if we can’t bond with other people because of past trauma or life difficulties, we will bond with whatever will give us relief!

  3. I also found it fascinating that when the rats had rich and fulfilling lives, they didn’t use the drugged water and this really connects well with our video and blogs about The 5 Things We Need To Be Well

  1. The Growth Mindset

  2. It is fascinating how the brain only needs a subtle cue, like using the word “yet” to change its’ response to our thoughts

  3. This ties in well with the use of Labeling and Naming in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and how simply adding “I am having the thought / feeling that…” can change our experience of that thought or feelings and help us get “unhooked” from that mindset

  1. How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes

  2. Since we know from the 5 things we need to be well that we all need purpose and meaning, this is a great way to find yours!

I hope you enjoyed our first monthly Awesome Videos of the Month (AVotM)! Please send any awesome videos you found helpful or enjoyed along!

Have a great week!

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