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Do you have good friends?

Sometimes we have great friends, and sometimes we learn to accept whatever we can get in terms of friends.

We usually learn to value ourselves from how valued we felt growing up. (See video about survival maps for more)

It sets the stage for how we see ourselves and how we treat ourselves. It also impacts how we allow ourselves to be treated, and expect to be treated by others. (See last week’s post on Do you matter?)

So let’s take a moment to look at our friends from the belief that  “I matter” instead of from whatever automatic lens we may have learned …

1. Who do you spend the most time with?


2. For each of these people, overall, do you feel stronger or weaker when you interact with them?

love is a decision

3. Do you feel SEEN, HEARD and like you MATTER in the relationship?

hear but dont understand

4. Do you feel comfortable standing up for yourself in the relationship? Confident you will work things out if there is a disagreement or if the other person is off?

type of friends

5. Do you feel comfortable setting boundaries with them and showing emotion with them?

no approval necessary

So what did you learn?

Are your current relationships nourishing you, uplifting you,

and challenging you to be all you can be?

If not- what needs to be done about it? How can you begin to shift your relationships so your needs are met?

To learn more, visit us next week!

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