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The power of YET!

More and more we are discovering the incredible impact of our thoughts on not only our feelings and behaviours (this forms the basis of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and now also on our physical as well as mental health!

Carol Dweck introduced a concept called the Growth Mindset, a way of thinking, and talking to ourselves and others that promotes healthy and more positive outcomes. You might assume it is complicated, but it isn’t, something as adding yet to the end of something you can’t YET do, changes what parts of our brains stay engaged and which don’t.

I am pretty sure we can all at least try something so simple, but in case you need more convincing, watch her 15 min talk about the Power of believing you can improve!

Good luck! And tell us about your experience by leaving a comment on Facebook, share the post or send us an email!

See you next week!

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