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Don’t like your brain? Change it!

Just like we can change the shape and health of body through exercise, we can change the shape and structure of our brain,  whether it will be primed for stress or not, using meditation

  1. This is our default mode and how meditation changes things (3 min)

   2.Try it (6 min) – You have 6 min!!!!


  1. Meditation or mindfulness is most easily understood as any time we focus ALL of our attention on something, (ie. a mantra, a flame, a body sensation, a memory, an image, a prayer, colouring, dancing, music etc) while being accepting and NON-JUDGMENTAL of whatever else comes up with it. (Similar to how we have described taking things as FEEDBACK vs Evaluation).

  2. No matter how long we have had a meditation practice, we will always need to “bring ourselves back” over and over again. With time and practice, it will get easier, and we will begin to have times we will be distracted less frequently, but we are all human, and when we are worried about something, sick, distracted, tired or otherwise pre-occupied, that is when we need to meditate most, and when we will be “bringing ourselves back” the most.

  3. The people who do incorporate this into their lives consistently do significantly better with their physical and emotional health and these benefits last through the day, in the same way the benefits of exercise does. Recent studies are showing that even that 20 min/ day of meditation was associated with structural brain changes within 8 weeks. There are changes in areas associated with learning and memory, emotion regulation, the ability to self reflect and the regions responsible for perspective taking.

The Drop-in is up and running again this Monday from 12-3 pm

Have a great week! Enjoy getting zen! ;0)

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