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How to change your brain

Neuroplasticity is the brains’ ability to adapt, structurally and/or functionally to the demands and stresses of our day to day lives, so we can continue to survive and even thrive.

The biggest driver of change in our brain is BEHAVIOR.

There are no drugs to promote Neuroplasticity and nothing is better than PRACTICE to help us learn. Interestingly, increased struggle may even be a good thing, as it increases the adaptation in the brain!

Neuroplasticity can work both ways though.

Our behavior choices can make it more likely that we think optimistically and exercise, or it can make it more likely  that we experience pain or get addicted to drugs.

Our brains are affected by what we DO and by what WE DON’T DO. 

Watch this 15 min TEDx Talk by Lara Boyd to learn how to help yourself make the most of your wonderful brains!

For the keeners out there, here is an extra article about how to further help yourself!

See you next week!

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